Check Out the Pro Tips to Use Instagram for Business

Want to flourish your business on Instagram? It’s time to switch to a Business account. A user must understand everything from setting up the business account to creating strategies to grab the audience’s attention.

According to a Meta-commissioned Ipsos study, Instagram is the leading social platform to build relationships with top business brands. Also, over 50% of users tells that they discover brands from Instagram. Moreover, users also engage in buying on the platform. So, in 2023, if you are not using Instagram for your business, your potential target audience may never find your services or products. You can take help from the Alex Instagram Complete Guide in USA.Check out our comprehensive Instagram growth strategy guide, packed with tips and tricks to help you boost your following, increase engagement, and drive business results. From optimizing your profile and content to using hashtags and collaborating with influencers, our Instagram growth coach Alex covers all the essential steps you need to take to grow your Instagram presence. Let’s check out the pro tips to start your Instagram business journey.

Switch to your Instagram Business Account

The foremost thing you have to do is to switch to a business account. In case you don’t have an Instagram account, first, you have to create it. After successfully creating it, you can convert it to a business account. However, if you already own a personal account, you can gradually include and convert your business details. Remember that a business account is free, and the platform doesn’t charge any fee.

Add Brand Voice in the Necessary Sections

After creating your account, it’s time to add brand voice to the necessary sections. Starting from the bio to posts, you can highlight and showcase the brand everywhere. You can follow the guidelines of Alex Instagram Complete Guide in USA to add brand names to your profile. The profile picture should be within 110 x 110 pixels. So, decide the brand logo and name within the dimension to give an attractive look. Brand links can be added to your bio, along with contact information.

Moreover, the platform Instagram will give a Contact button for your business profile. Instant action buttons also can be added to book appointments. For this action integration, go through the Edit Profile option and scroll to add Action Buttons.

Besides, brand voices can be added to your story covers and highlights. You can provide relevant business information based. Here, you can also inform the audience about your upcoming product launch. You can also organize past stories to make Highlights.

Connect Product Catalog to your Profile

You must create a product catalog to tag products with your Instagram content. This can be done in Meta’s Commerce Manager. You have to move to the Commerce Manager to create Catalog. If you own an E-Commerce platform, use Connect a Partner to create catalogs. You can also prefer to create a catalog from Upload product info. With all these methods, you can keep on adding products.

Customers visiting your profile will definitely check out your products. It will also influence them to buy the products. Required information and product features also can be added to the catalog.

Switch on Instagram Shopping

After you have created your catalog, you can turn on your Instagram shopping features. Below are the steps to turn it on;

  • Click on the hamburger (three lines) from the Instagram profile in the top-right corner.
  • Go to Settings, then Business, and proceed to Set up a Shop.
  • Now, you can tap on Get Started and follow the prompts for submitting the shop for review.
  • After finishing the submitting step, you need to wait for further approval.
  • Keep on checking the shop status. For this, go to Settings, click on Business, and move to Shopping.
  • After your shop has been approved by the platform, you can go to Shopping and select the product catalog and click on Done.

Quick Tips to Drive Your Business Presence on the Platform

  • At the initial stage, you must know your audience. The most outsmarting pro tip is to understand your audience. You must check out your audience demographics.
  • You can find demographic information in Meta Business Suite, Instagram Insights, and Hootsuite Analytics. Understanding the target audience will help your brand to keep in a better position on the platform.
  • It’s time to figure out your content mix after knowing your audience. You can figure out what type of content you must post to attract an audience. Do not just randomly post content whenever you feel like posting. Follow content strategy to keep your followers.
  • Schedule posting time in advance. Try to schedule your content across all Instagram surfaces. You can use a content calendar to publish at the right time.

The above tips were all about setting up your Instagram business account successfully and grabbing the audience’s attention to your profile. All these will assist in reaching your business goal on Instagram, forming a strong audience base. For more help, you can check out the Alex Instagram Complete Guide in USA