The Do's and Don'ts of Instagram Growth

The truth is that nobody cares about your service/product.

No matter what you sell or what you offer nobody will be interested until you gain their attention and trust.

    What you don't want to do is:
  • Post only about your product
  • Have CTAs everywhere
  • No Testimonial on your Profile
  • No showcasing results
  • Blind copy what others post
    What you want to do is:
  • Showcase your unique results
  • Have consistent unique planned content
  • Have testimonials everywhere
  • Provide free value on your posts and stories
  • Interact with your audience

To gain the trust of your audience you will need consistent quality posts every single day.

The pieces of information I give you for free are what made my clients and me Instagram Influencers with 100k+ followers.

There is only one question.

Do you still want to have a dead IG profile without engagement and followers?

If the answer is no.

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Alex, your IG Coach!