Why Coaching Is Overrated

It's unusual to hear that coaching is overrated from an Instagram Coach

Even I feel weird saying it, but it's true.

The reason is that everybody copies each other today

Search on instagram for a coach and you will be see a mess of profiles that look all the same, have the same content and what is ridiculous, they charge hundreds of dollars for nothing.

There's only a few of us real coaches left.

I offer my E-Book at an enormously low price $19.99

And for those that want free value, I have a free growth kit.

Even better, I post useful content on my blog every week.

I make sure to keep you updated with the latest technologies you can use to grow your Instagram such as AI.

I frequently post about the latest AI tools that can help you be more productive so you can take advantage of those tools.

Alex, your IG Coach!